hi, i'm

phoebe luo

i like robots, birds, and using exclamation points excessively!!

about me!

I'm studying Mechatronics Engineering @ the University of Waterloo!!
Currently @ SickKids as a Robotics Research Assistant.

As someone who loves participating (and winning!) many hackathons, I've gained significant experience with developing products from ideation to the minimum viable product. I LOVE making things that have never existed before. I'm a literal full-stack developer, from the brainstorming, rapid prototyping, iterative design, CAD, manufacturing, wiring, programming, testing, to pitching the final product, I do it all.

I hope to put my skillset to good use, ideally in a job working with hardware, software, and electrical integration. Projects that combine these elements are where my skills shine best :)


Here are my projects and initiatives!! Click to learn more about any of these!

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